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We offer a range of creative consulting services in story development and boosting original concept output, all designed to help your company reach its highest viewer 

potential. Whether you're looking for a small character tweak or complete script overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.


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Each production is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach will never help your project reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you – your story, your flow, and your one-of-a-kind artistic endeavor. We inspire the creative process to produce results that will make your project pop. Our team is a think tank of imagination wizards that love to take on new evolutionary projects.

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If you have the capital, then we have the most unique and innovative new

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Our team is working on more than twenty unique new business models that are ready for your investment and leadership capital to start the next innovative new industry.

From mega planet changing models to small start-ups, all of our concepts are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We create morally feel good businesses for the conscious entrepreneur.

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A Romantic New Age Comedy

Commercial Kitchen Rental Chain

(Daily and Weekly Rentals)

In Production.

A Story about the cultural creative’s of Asheville, NC.  Jon Kendell  is a middleclass community college student from the Midwest who is studying business to prepare for a career in his father’s paper company. He hears about a free spirited town in the North Carolina Mountains called Asheville. It is where the new age/indigo kids of America are going and Jon wants to be there too.

After a series of coincidental messages, Jon packs up, drops out and heads to this conscious town in the land of the Cherokee. When he arrives he finds himself at the Friday night drum circle. A young raven haired gypsy girl name Star Seed, pulls him out on the dance floor and after some exotic inspiration, Jon lets loose and joins in the spirited festivities.

Next Jon is invited by Star Seed to stay at a community house called “The Vortex”, where he meets 10 very different eclectic young adults and one wise elder.Together they show him the way of livinf totally alive and full of spirit. The house is full of very unique and varied characters.

As Jon meets all the residents of The Vortex, he is taught the philosophy of living in the New Age of freedom, unity and love. The only problem is, everyone has a different path to utopia and this confuses and excites Jon. While one member of the house says it is through Dance and Movement, another claims it is through the deepest meditation. One even believes it happens only during raging orgasms.

We watch Jon as he is introduced to all the aspects of this cultural creative community. Ecstatic dance, meditation, waterfall hikes, sex, share circles, cuddle puddles, sweat lodges, chanting, massage and raw food. Something is always missing though and Jon keeps searching.

After watching how Star Seed embraces all the new age philosophies with joy and unbridled curiosoty, Jon falls for her. When he proclaims his affection for her she informs him that she does not believe in just having a single partner. Later that evening Jon walks in on her with someone else and in his supposed rejection, leave for a long walk into the forest.

He comes to a retreat center where an Aiwaska Ceremony is beginning and Jon is invited to join. He goes on an incredible lucid journey where he faces his dark side (drowning in paper at his father’s company) and then discovers the light through Love, freedom and joy. He has a beautiful vision of StarSeed flying with him like freebirds around the planet hand in hand.

When he gets back to the house he discovers Star Seed has gone away on a week long workshop with her other lover and to add more heartbreak, Freedom, the house mentor has passed away. Jon decides he will go home to see his family and talk to his father about taking over the business.

The Next Low Budget Cult Classic of our Generation

All Organic Night Club with Juice Bar.

(Healthy Multi-Purpose Event Center)



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Motivational and Athletic Retreat Center

(Featuring Organic Health Food)