Reality Show:     "Win / Win"

We follow a group of Motivational Speakers, Coaches, Peace Activist and Psychiatrist traveling around the world as they mediate for opposing families, cities businesses, organizations and even nations to resolve their issues and conflicts.

The mediators use every tool in the book to create a compassionate, peaceful and respectful solution. They are the masters of Win/Win solutions.

The number one question presented is, "What is the most loving solution to the problem?". From working with a NY Italian family to a huge corporation, or even resolving a community political issue, the team finds a way to create peace, Eventually?

Reality Show:        "Welcome to the New Age"

A group of new age, all natural, healers, yoga teachers, psychics, vegans and modern hippies live together in a community house in Asheville, NC or Ashland, Or. (two new age cities in the U.S.) sharing their way of life and way of  "it's all good" conflict resolution with the world.

Twelve super spiritual souls living in one super hip house "The Vortex". They go to drum circles, festivals, vegetarian restaurants, sweat lodges, love circles, aura cleansings and many more unusual new age activities, all while being transported in a double decker Hippie Love Bus.

The first season's assignment, put on a full Organic New Age Music Festival.. 

 Ready for Development.

Feature Films, Reality Shows, Sitcoms, Documentaries

Mockumentary:    "House of the Holy"

The series takes place in a large house set up in a “Real World” reality show style. The temporary tenants of the house are all the major historical prophets, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Muhammad, Joan of Arc and Krishna. They are on a quest to find a seventh holy roommate from a list of modern day celebrities (Oprah, Obama, Dali Lama, Justin Bieber, The Pope, Members of the Royal Family, Jon Stewart, Alex Jones and an occasional dictator or two that slips in).

Each week they research and vet hopeful roommates, but because it has to be a unanimous vote, someone always finds something wrong with the candidate. The endless list of would-be roomies fuels hilarious material that will make this show easy to write. Just think about the people that would try to get in. Obama is questioned about lying on his Birth Cert., Jon Stewart offends Mother Teresa, they all slam the door on Bill O'Rielly, and Oprah is already God's favorite

Great European Market or an Animated Show.

Reality Show: 

"Going Genesis Project"

The  Power of Social Media Will Help Mankind

A Reality Series with Celebrities Promoting Positive Concepts on Social Media, Exchanging the negative phrase “Going Viral” for the positive “Going Genesis”

This show is about a group of Enthusiastic Researchers traveling the world looking for positive, evolutionary, life changing inventions, ideas, and people deserving of a global audience. Once the team vets the situation and finds it a worthy conscious topic to promote, they pass it on to a group of celebrities who then tweet, facebook, instagram and social network it into the lives of millions.

We will watch the news spread around the world from
an original posting on Youtube of a few thousand to potentially ten to fifty million views, sending the project GENESIS. A follow up show will be about checking on the projects a year later. "Gone Genesis"

Reality Show:  :"The Eternal Youth"

A Lifestyle Series about a "Health Fanatic" couple searching for the “Fountain of Youth”. She’s is a super fit Yoga Instructor who attracts all with an angelic personality and he’s a loud outgoing California surfer dude who still act and plays like a teenager on crack

The show will follow the adventures of these two longevity groupie as they search the world looking for the secret to eternal life. They will travel to spas, jungle villages, health gurus and nutritional advisors sampling the therapies, natural products, foods, fitness programs and fads that proclaim to extend extra years to human life.

What makes this show work is the dynamic personalities of the two host. Both are in their early fifties but look only thirty five. They are the living examples of natural health.

Sit.Com:         "The Malibu GURU"

Hip Hop Entertainment Mogul Sir Simone Rush get wacked in the head by a rock during a small earthquake behind his Malibu Estate. He awakens after 48 hours a changed man proclaiming the knowledge of universal truth and profound wisdom. He sets forth on a journey to heal the world, starting with the Hollywood elites.

He becomes the yoga practicing, raw vegan, om chanting, all enlightened Guru of Malibu. He turns his mansion into an ashram and invites everybody to stay as long as they wish even though his trophy wife and spoiled children protest every step of the way.

He donates large amounts of money to ultra progressive organizations and gives away expensive artwork to random visitors. ,,,and every day he walks the streets with sign proclaiming peace and love.

His new name is Sri Si and he frequently visits his celebrity friends to share his positive message and encourage them to join in his vegan, new age, earth friendly spiritual way.

Reality Show: 

"The Healthy America Traveling Road Show"

What happens when a group of conscious and crazy health fanatics build a "Tiny House on Wheels" and convert it into a mobile natural food store to travel across the U.S. spreading the wholesome and sometimes radical message of vibrant living and eternal youth through yoga, exercise, vegetarianism, meditation, forward thinking and a positive attitude ?

The first reality show that goes behind the scene of big music festivals, movie sets and private parties as they are being set up, managed and broken down. Our cast brings the organic, plant based goodies and we watch what celebrities come to eat.

The Tiny house has been built and the cast is ready to travel and spread health across America.

Feature Film:   "On The Count Of Three"

First time independent Congressman Andrew Sheen arrives in Washington ready to take on the system and make big changes to the corrupt old school cronnie capitalism that runs DC politics. He's smart, eco conscious, healthy and good looking with a consistent track record of voting for what is best for the people and fair to all. Most of all, he has a loyal staff that's got his back and believes he is the right man to go all the way.

They arrive in the capital and start to work....there's just one problem, Congressman Sheen isn't voting progressive anymore. He is either abstaining or voting on the side of Big Biz.

His staff can't figure it out and when Sheen is confronted he gives half hearted excuses. It seems that the Congressman has changes his political agenda and sided with everything he fought against.

It's all extremely confusing until newly assigned secret service agent Rich Cast start to recall a black ops program that hypnotizes all new Congressmen, Senators and Governors during their initial security briefings. You see, Cash was a member of this operartion but suffered a head injury in a car accident. Now he is remembering it all and warms the staff about this beloved Congressman.

What follows is a chase around DC as the staff and agent Cash blow the cover on the biggest conspiracy in U.S. history all coming to a climax as the President call a joint session of Congress and the Senate to announce a declaration of war on Oil rich Venezuala.

Will they wake everyone up on Capital Hill before it's too late? Only if they find out what the secret phrase it.

Feature Film:                                             Becoming God

Feature Film:                                                       AOL

All of a sudden, people from around the world are receiving text messages and emails from A.O.L.

Even though, they are not members. These messages are always positive and extremely motivational. The media reports that it must be some kind of comeback campaign from America On Line.

At the same time military control systems around the world are starting to shut down. Nuclear power plants are turning off and toxic industries ad breaking down...and it seems it is all coming from these AOL messages.

As governments and big businesses hurry to figure out and solve this mega problem the people back at American Online don't know what to do. On one hand, the world governments are putting a lot of preasure on them to stop this grand marketing plan and at the same time they are making a huge comeback and the world is buzzing about the new AOL. The problem is, AOL has nothing to do with this and the CEO assigns a crack pot group of techs to figure it out. On this team is Brian Waters, a young wiz kid just recently hired.

Brian surprisingly uncovers an hidden matrix style plan that nobody on earth is responsible for. No people at least but something gigantic and complex. Brian discovers that it is coming from the whole internet computer system. It seems the machines are sending these positive messages and shutting down all the dangerous military and business industries. Artificial Intelligence is behind the plan and it is in charge of the whole planet. The machine are not trying to hurt us because we are a disease and broken, they are attempting to fix and heal us because we are their creators. A.O.L. doesn't mean American On Line, it stands for ALL OUR LOVE !

Real Creative Ideas

Reality Show:   "Writer's Block"

A group of writers attempting to sell scripts, screenplays, reality show concepts and jokes to anyone that will listen in the entertainment industry. Five writers (new comers and a old timer or two) doing whatever it takes to get a break in Tinsel Town.

The show will follow the adventures of these five writing hopefuls as they use every creative trick in the book to sell a story. From dressing up as a waiter to dropping "pitches from an airplane, they will try anything to get a story sold.

The writers leave the show once a script is sold and a new writer replaces them.

  Feature Film         "The Revelation"

What if an entity claiming to be “The All Knowing One” came to your campsite and after a grand miracle or two you decide that he/she/it might just be real, and you started asking questions. What questions would you ask? Any question at all and the answers are presented to you as the most incredible journey of your life. What have you always longed to know?

The Revelation is a screenplay by William Najger about Jon Lake who while camping meets a super natural being and decides to ask this entity some of the biggest questions that most people have always wanted answered. Like about Reincarnation, Life on other planets, Which religion is the truth? Are we living in a Matrix and is this God stuff all in our heads? In the end, this GOD being asks Jon to pass on a message to the world that causes a Revelation. Is it just Jon’s grandest dream, highest imagination, and most holy vision? Is he crazy...or is he communicating with "You Know Who"?

  Visit the story website for full treatment and script     

Sit Com:         "Mr. Motivation"

Stewart Day is the worlds top motivational speaker with book and DVD sales over 200 million and live conferences that fill football stadiums. He has been interviewed hundreds of times on all the major networks worldwide and personally coaches all the most famous people.

He is on top of the world and flying high....

There's just one major problem, he is a complete jerk and his personal life is falling apart. While the public sees Stewart as the most perfect inspiring man in the world, his family, close friends and co-workers see his dark side.

He is a womanizing, greedy, shellfish, egomaniac with a major inferiority complex.

We follow as he wrestles with the duality of keeping his public image separate from his dysfunctional home life. At times he crosses the line and does what ever it takes to clean it up.

Feature Film:  "Dear Mr. President"

Set 50 years in the future in an ultra progressive

American society, a 5th grade schoolgirl writes a

Birthday letter to one hundred year old retired

President Anderson thanking him for the incredible, healthy and peaceful modern country she lives in.

As she writes we travel back in time to the White House and Vice President Anderson is working under the first female, African American U.S.president, Sophia Washington. She is fully a progressive and VP Anderson is a 47 year old retired Marine Captain who is a moderate Republican. Together they won by the biggest landslide in US history.

Suddenly the president is killed in a plane crash and VP Anderson is thrust into the leadership roll. But something is wrong. Some of the hardline Rebulican polititians hint to the VP prior to the tragedy that his turn will be real soon and some big changes are about to happen. This bothers him and leads to the uncovering of the greatest assasignation scandal ever. President Washington was loved and respected by the whole country and the VP has come to truely belive she may really change the country for the better.

This leads the VP to uncovering a dark conspiracy to take over the country and help the powerful world elite get control over Amricas wealth and military power. Once he learns the cold truth about his party leaders and thier cooporate backers he fights back and not only saves the presidents honor but carries her progressive agenda into new nation saving policies. He Makes America Very Great Again.

This action packed and political feel good movie combines government coverups and assasitation plots with the truth about what is the best political system for making a country healthy and sustainable. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake people up and make great changes for the better of all. The movie ends with the little girl reading her essay and the teacher giving her an A+.

                    (A Low Budget film shot through the IPhone of the lead character as he quest to become GOD on Youtube)


Videos are posted on YouTube of a mans search to become GOD.    All leading up to a miracle (gone viral) event that our main character William, performed in the center square of his hometown.

William is extremely interested in the secrets of ancient societies. As he is researching on the internet, he discovers the hidden documents detailing the most prescious content of the Arc of the Covenant, MANNA...also known as "The Food of GOD". The deeper William researches the more he finds out about this manna and its connection to all the GODS of all ancient cultures and the quest for the phlilosopher's stone. He discovers the truth, that Manna is gold that is electrically arced into a white powder for human ingestion. Mosses brought this secret out of Egypt and showed the enslaved Jews how the Pharrohs perform super natural feats. He learns from the book of the dead about preparing and consuming the manna. But first a Forty Day Fast in the wilderness reciting only positive affirmations must be accomplished.

William has been video recording his research and announces that he is going to fast and ingest manna (modern name is ORMUS). He finds an alchemist who makes ORMUS from gold and orders some ($4,000 worth of white powdered gold). He asks his best friend Mark to drop him off at a trailhead and to come back in 41 days to pick him up. William has camping gear, a water purifier and a solar charging system for his IPhone. He plans on recording his spiritual journey to GOD-Hood.

We watch as William spends forty days fasting, meditating and barely surviving his deadly mission in the wilderness. He films a daily vlog and records life in camp as animals, weather and insanity challenge his goal. It is during these vlogs that William starts talking to his IPhone wondering if It is really a you phone and if he is attempting to be IGod.

The trip climaxes into a supernatural transformation.

William's best friend Mark arrives to pick him up at a prearranged location. William declines the ride the ride into town saying he will walk with the beauty of life. Mark notices a drastic change in him (40 lb. thinner, beard, long hair and the brightest blue eyes). Mark follows and starts videotaping William as he walks along the road. Amazing events begin from here on. As William passes, flowers lean towards him, bees and butterflies swarm around him, animals poke their heads out of the forest to check him out.

Once in the town, William is documented performing many miracles climaxing in a gathering at the City Hall, where after the most inspirational speech he levitates and disappears before a crowd of over 500 people, most of them recording "The Event" on their phones. The posting on youtube goes viral which brings us back to the beginning the film with Mark's discovery of the wilderness tapes and his home edited documentary of William's full journey.

William is never seen again.